02 Jul 2014
DibbsBarker is pleased to announce the appointment of three new partners from 1 July 2014, as well as 12 other promotions firm-wide for the new financial year.
20 Jun 2014
Lydia Daly, Senior Associate in the DibbsBarker Employee & Industrial Relations team, joined Anne Andersen from the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland on 5 June 2014, to present a webinar on 'Understanding disclosure of pre-existing conditions.
15 May 2014
DibbsBarker announces today that prominent restructuring and insolvency practitioner, Macaire Bromley has joined the firm as a partner.
30 Jan 2014
In a move to strengthen the firm's medical malpractice offering, DibbsBarker has recently welcomed medico-legal specialist, Chris West, as Special Counsel in the firm's Insurance practice.

More news

30 Jul 2014
The NSW Government has once again set a date for the abolition of 'nuisance' business taxes.
22 Jul 2014
There are many legal complexities associated with the ownership of property by Custodians on behalf of Responsible Entities for Managed Investment Schemes. One example from a Landlord’s perspective is the enforcement of leases against tenants. A recent Queensland Court of Appeal case identifies potential issues in circumstances where the respective rights and obligations of the Responsible Entity and Custodian are not clearly understood when it comes to enforcing a lease.
17 Jul 2014
It was The Muppets’ Kermit the Frog who memorably sang about how "it’s not easy being green", but in a recent trade mark decision that is sure to make colour trade mark applicants sit up and take notice, BP has encountered another setback, in its quest to obtain trade mark protection for the colour in Australia.
14 Jul 2014
BCIPA is often trumpeted as security for payment legislation. But is it the most effective way to ensure security for payment? In the rush to make a claim under the BCIPA, an older (and at times more effective) process also offering security for payment (dating back to 1974) is often forgotten; ie. lodging a charge under the Subcontractors’ Charges Act 1974 (Qld).

Maree Skinner, Partner in the DibbsBarker Employee & Industrial Relations team, discusses a recent unfair dismissal case in the Federal Court, which highlights the importance of setting and enforcing workplace policies.
David Carter, Partner in our Financial Services team, discusses the draft prudential guidelines for residential mortgage lending practices, recently released by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.
Jonathon Hadley, Partner in the DibbsBarker Employee & Industrial Relations team, discusses the recent landmark ruling by the Fair Work Commission reducing Sunday penalty rates for certain classes of casual employees in the restaurant industry, and the implications this decision may have for employers in other industries.
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