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on 1 December 2016

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Our lawyers provide tailored legal advice to six core industries

Our thorough industry understanding allows us to address your legal issues in the context of the challenges that really matter to your business.

DibbsBarker provides a full suite of commercial legal services

Our service offerings are tailored to your requirements. We team closely across the firm to provide comprehensive legal advice that covers all elements of your matter.

Our people are commercial, responsive and industry savvy

Our personal service, flexibility, accessibility and deep industry understanding ensure a unique service to our clients, helping them achieve their business goals.

Recent News and Publications
Common bond: first conviction for duty holder’s failure to consult with another duty holder about worker safety
Every business should be acutely aware of its duties to manage work health and safety (WHS) risks. But what happens when WHS responsibilities fall to more than just one business? How are shared risks and responsibilities managed?
Marketing IPOs through social media - six key considerations
ASIC recently issued a report on the marketing practices adopted by companies undertaking initial public offerings and by the brokers selling them. While ASIC considered a range of alternative marketing methods, the corporate regulator was particularly keen to discover whether social media is changing the way IPOs are marketed.
Beyond the four walls: the shifting boundaries of the modern workplace
You’ve heard it before – the boundaries of the workplace are changing. In this ever-connected world, where we can log on remotely, speak to people from cars, and check emails from our bedrooms, where does the workplace end and our private life begin?
Recent Webcasts
Brad Walsh speaks with DibbsBarker’s Rob McInnes about how Minomic’s work has progressed since the company’s formation in 2007, and why it is so important for companies like Minomic to have a clear strategy around the protection of intellectual property rights.
In this video interview, Peter Luke from our Banking & Finance team speaks with BRR Media about some of the recent trends in foreign investment in Australia.
In this video interview, Fay Calderone from our People & Workplace team speaks with BRR Media about some of the things employers should think about as they start to create more agile workforces and innovative workplaces to keep pace in an era of unrelenting change.