The Australian property development industry accounts for over 7% of GDP, providing jobs for nearly one in ten Australians. As the economic focus shifts away from mining and resources, Australia is inevitably turning again to its favourite long term engine for growth: property development.

The DibbsBarker team has worked with numerous developers on a variety of projects, from massive infrastructure works such as the Sydney Olympic Village and the Darwin City Waterfront, to complex boutique projects such as the new mixed use retail, commercial and residential development at Beecroft. Our experts are active members of various industry bodies, including the UDIA NSW Planning and Regulatory Affairs Committee and the Property Committee of the Law Council of Australia.

We advise on all legal elements of property development, from financing the project including through joint ventures to acquiring the target land and then all aspects of construction and leasing or selling the development on completion. Because of our strong industry experience, we are also often called upon to help with negotiation of commercial elements and to provide strategic advice. Our strong Planning & Environment team give us a particular advantage when it comes to complicated projects such as mixed use developments with their interplay between development and town planning timetables and onerous compliance requirements (through the development approval process and beyond). We have assisted our clients with negotiating complex Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) including for the Bonnyrigg PPP Development and in relation to the redevelopment of Goldfields House in Sydney. We also have very good contacts with the top town planning consultants, surveyors, valuers and other consultants critical for integrated delivery of development projects.

We also have an in-house off-the-plan sales and conveyancing function to maximise efficiency, minimise cost and provide seamless delivery for our clients.

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Recent News and Publications
27 Sep 2017
Landlords and tenants of retail premises take note – there has been significant change to the regulation of trading hours for retail shops in Queensland, with the Trading (Allowable Hours) Act (Qld) 1990 (Act) having had its first major overhaul in more than 20 years.
14 Sep 2017
When shareholders in a company fall out, they sometimes allege that the company’s affairs have been managed in an unfair or oppressive way. Parties to a joint venture gone sour, warring directors, or families mired in disputes over the direction, management, succession and future control of a business are the typical parties to a shareholder dispute, commonly known as an ‘oppression proceeding’.
08 Sep 2017
All businesses should be reviewing the way they manage the risk of underpayment and worker exploitation as the Federal Government’s reforms to protect vulnerable workers are about to take effect.