Business banking

DibbsBarker has many years of commercial lending experience which allows us to be innovative in designing and implementing loan and security structures. We advise local and international middle market corporate borrowers and financial institutional lenders on drafting and executing both straightforward and tailor made financial transactions.

Our experienced team conducts multiple business banking transactions each day for many SME financiers.

The reason why financiers continue to engage DibbsBarker at the business banking level is simple: although these transactions are typically smaller in value, we consistently deliver the same care, skill, acumen and level of service as offered in larger wholesale transactions. We deliver value.

Our clients include names such as Four Pillar banks, Bank of Queensland and Yamaha Motors Australia.


Club Financing of Discovery Holiday Parks: We assisted two of the big four banks with the restructure of their senior debt facilities over an 18 month period. Negotiations around a number of milestone dates occurred within tight timeframes amongst senior, mezzanine and equity funders.

Australian bank: We acted for the bank on its funding of an acquisition of a hotel by its client. We provided the facility and security documentation for the bank, reviewed the trust deeds for the trustee borrower and guarantor and arranged for the release of the securities from the outgoing financier and previous owner. We have conducted numerous similar transactional matters for a variety of Australian banks which follow this model.

Refinance of commodity trading group: Acting for the corporate lender, we negotiated with the borrower group and outgoing financier to implement a strategy which enabled the value of the borrower’s business to be preserved whilst maintaining a strong security position for our corporate lender.

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Recent News and Publications
06 Dec 2017
The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (Cth) applies to government agencies, private sector organisations with annual turnovers over $3m, and all organisations handling health information or involved in credit reporting.
16 Nov 2017
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09 Nov 2017
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