Corporate governance

Effective corporate governance enhances and supports a business by empowering at an operational level, while providing stakeholders with the security they demand. At DibbsBarker, we understand the importance of tailoring a flexible framework that helps companies operate in a pragmatic, real world way.

We advise our clients on the establishment of corporate governance structures that promote integrity and transparency in business operations and decision making. A core component of this involves advising on directors’ and officers’ duties and liabilities under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and other legislation. This includes advising on frameworks that assure boards and senior management that risks are being identified and managed at the right level, allowing the organisation to focus on its business priorities and take up new opportunities.

Our team takes pride in their role of trusted advisor and extended in-house support to some of Australia’s most dynamic organisations, including Finsia, NSW Telco, QRxPharma and Regeneus. Members of our team regularly present on matters relevant to governance, including briefings for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The long-term relationships we develop with our clients mean we form part of their corporate memory, working closely with boards and senior management to help them plan and execute their strategy for growth. Our credentials below demonstrate our track record of supporting our clients to grow their enterprises and develop their governance structure in a way that meets their changing needs.


Finsia: Since Finsia became a client in 2005, the DibbsBarker Corporate Governance team has worked closely with Finsia over many years to develop and maintain a streamlined constitution that allows the board sufficient freedom on a day-to-day basis, yet entrenches fundamental rights of members. This framework has supported the board in its development of Finsia as a peak industry body with a strong offering to members.

NSW Telco: The Chairman of the NSW Telco Authority Board approached Lis Boyce to undertake a review of the Board's performance, after hearing Lis present on the subject of Board performance at an AICD briefing. As the Board was relatively new at the time, the Chairman wished to provide the Board an opportunity to reflect on how effectively it was operating. Lis worked with the Chairman to design a survey which invited comments on understanding and delivering on the Board's role, effective conduct of the Board's business, effective relationships with stakeholders and Board composition. Lis then met with each Board member and with senior management to discuss the responses to the survey and draw out further comments.

At the end of the process, Lis presented results and recommendations in a Board briefing, followed by a written report. The evaluation process and report were used as a foundation for Board discussions about refining the Board charter and code of conduct, building the Board's effectiveness in its role and opportunities to enhance the Board through new appointments.

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Recent News and Publications
06 Feb 2018
The recently enacted safe harbour legislation provides protection to company directors and officers from a claim for insolvent trading where they develop a course of action that is reasonably likely to result in a 'better outcome' for a company.
06 Dec 2017
The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (Cth) applies to government agencies, private sector organisations with annual turnovers over $3m, and all organisations handling health information or involved in credit reporting.