Litigation support technology capabilities

Complex litigation often requires technology solutions to assist in managing large volumes of documents and data. We do not operate our litigation support services as an in-house revenue stream, but instead partner with the market leading litigation support experts. We have a preferred supplier agreement with NuLegal, allowing all of our clients to benefit from the low cost structures we have in place. We are also free to work with any preferred providers of your choice, should you have existing vendor relationships.

Through the hosted services we use, vital documents for your case are housed electronically in a secure, web-based review platform. All necessary parties have access, the only technical prerequisite being internet access and web browser software such as Internet Explorer.

We have 24-7 access to litigation support staff and complete scalability in terms of staffing levels and data storage. Where relevant, we utilise early case assessment tools such as Nuix to hone in on the exact evidence we need to manage and review. This reduces the review work involved in document-heavy litigation and ultimately drives down litigation support costs for our clients. It also allows our legal team to quickly identify and focus on relevant documents.

By using the latest technologies and managing evidence electronically, we also ensure that information is in the correct format for an electronic courtroom, should your matter ultimately proceed to trial.


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