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We work with our clients to help them realise value from, and protect, their brands and trade marks.

Our team has worked with leading Australian and international brand owners to formulate and implement effective protection and enforcement strategies for over three decades.

We provide our clients with the right balance of relevant experience and cost effectiveness through use of in-house firm expertise and experience in IP strategy, commercialisation and enforcement and out-sourced search, registration and renewal services.

From licensing and assignments, marketing, advertising and packaging reviews and consumer law advice to enforcement of trade marks and related rights we ensure that brand protection aligns with our clients’ commercial objectives.

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Recent News and Publications
22 Feb 2018
From 22 February 2018, businesses subject to the new mandatory data breach notification regime will face penalties of up to $1.8 million if they fail to report data breaches in circumstances where serious harm could occur to an individual whose data has been compromised.
06 Dec 2017
The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (Cth) applies to government agencies, private sector organisations with annual turnovers over $3m, and all organisations handling health information or involved in credit reporting.
12 Oct 2017
Various news outlets have now reported far and wide that, after becoming aware of a pop-up bar said to have incorporated various themes from the Stranger Things series, Netflix’s IP counsel sent the bar’s owners a cease and desist letter.