Major events & sponsorship

Our team are experienced in negotiating and drafting sponsorship agreements, having acted for major organisations such as Cancer Council of Australia, American Express and Westpac. Our track record also includes endorsements of products by sporting identities and other celebrities, and agreements for the manufacture and sale of charity branded products.

Our extensive knowledge of branding and licensing, combined with our commercial experience, ensures our clients maximise brand exposure whilst managing risk in their sponsorship and endorsement arrangements.


Major events: We advise the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW on the annual Royal Easter Show, providing support on licensing, procurement, vendor engagement, and dispute resolution for a variety of matters including breaches of contract and staff training issues.

Sponsorships: We are regularly sought after to negotiate and draft agreements for the use of our clients’ branding by third parties, including DVDs, merchandise and event collateral. Our team has assisted clients such as the Starlight Foundation, Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy Global Research Foundation, Melbourne International Film Festival and World Youth Day.

Endorsements: We recently assisted a medical indemnity insurer with a sponsorship agreement with a specialists’ professional organisation, enabling the two parties to go to market together successfully whilst managing risk and liability.

Advertising clearance: Our team has extensive experience working with clients such as the Starlight Foundation on clauses relating to marketing agreements, creating licensing opportunities for third parties to endorse our client.

Strategy and agreements: Members of our team have advised the Melbourne International Film Festival committee on their strategy for charity endorsements, and drafted associated agreements that manage engagement between different brands and entities.


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Recent News and Publications
22 Feb 2018
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06 Dec 2017
The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (Cth) applies to government agencies, private sector organisations with annual turnovers over $3m, and all organisations handling health information or involved in credit reporting.
12 Oct 2017
Various news outlets have now reported far and wide that, after becoming aware of a pop-up bar said to have incorporated various themes from the Stranger Things series, Netflix’s IP counsel sent the bar’s owners a cease and desist letter.