Our team is renowned in the market for its dedicated, full service offering in the industry. Focused exclusively on the complexities of managing landlord-tenant relationships, we know how often even the most ‘standard’ procedures require expert understanding, commerciality and attention to detail.

We are currently retained by a number of publicly listed A-REITs and major corporations to do all the leasing work in relation to:

  • major CBD office buildings in Sydney and Brisbane

  • more than 20 industrial parks and buildings in New South Wales and Queensland

  • commercial and industrial sites (including marinas) and more than 30 shopping centres, Australia-wide.

We advise on risk allocation including dove-tailing back-to-back building contracts and lease pre-commitments, incorporating relevant design and construct and liquidated damages provisions. We advise on all manner of issues arising out of leases, including tenant default and/or insolvency, market rent reviews, assignment, make good, and re-entry and forfeiture.

Our clients - Australia’s largest A-REITs, property developers and property holders - benefit from the use of our exemplary tailored pro forma documentation, our diverse experience base, and our extensive industry knowledge and standing. We work closely with the broader Real Estate & Construction team to offer a fully integrated service.


Lease default issues: We advised a real estate investment trust on a major tenant default (rental income of over $1 million per annum). Our advice covered all aspects of the breach, from issuing notices and terminating the lease, to drawing on bank guarantees, post-termination issues, dealing with insolvent tenant issues and advising on taking action for recovery.

Minor building works contracts: We manage minor works contracts for the entire portfolio of one of Australia’s largest A-REITs, including building services contracts and professional services contracts. Our clients value our close working relationship with their management team and contractors, our 48 hour turn-around commitment, and our regular easy-scan reports that ensure they are always across the detail.

Asset/portfolio management: We work closely with asset managers in preparing leases for CBD commercial buildings, industrial premises and large regional shopping centres, from drafting and examining lease agreements and licence documents, to preparing disclosure statements, consents, assignments and variations.

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Recent News and Publications
16 Mar 2018
In our most recent publication on leasing, we focused on the consent that a tenant might need to obtain from its landlord if the tenant wishes to assign its interest in a lease. In this article, we explore some key considerations that arise when it is the landlord assigning its interest in a lease.
28 Feb 2018
The February 2018 edition of the Australian Property Law Bulletin (a LexisNexis publication) contains an article by Ben Shaw and Matthew Butchard entitled 'Resolving GST ambiguity: A & A Property Developers Pty Ltd v MCCA Asset Management Ltd.'
24 Jan 2018
The proposed assignment by tenants of their leases can lead to frustration, thwarted ambitions and unforeseen expense. Why, when so many assignments proceed without a hitch, should this be so?