We advise companies and their directors on the most appropriate solutions to their financial position, whether it be assisting in the recovery of large outstanding amounts, or restructuring the business of the company, with or without a formal insolvency scheme.

As we understand the dynamics of ‘both sides of the fence’, we assist directors with advice as to how to act - and, equally importantly, not act - during periods of financial distress, and their options for restructuring their business in times of distress. We also assist directors in their interactions with bankruptcy trustees and others following formal appointments.

We have a particular expertise in public examinations, acting for trustees with a view to identifying assets and other entitlements that may have been transferred or gifted immediately prior to bankruptcy as a means of avoiding creditors.


High profile, media-sensitive matters: Acting for the bankruptcy trustee of the bankrupt estate of former Australian basketball player Shane Heal, including conducting a public examination into his affairs.

Public examinations: Representing a former senior officer of Sam’s Seafood during the course of a public examination into the collapse of that business by the Receivers of the affected bank.

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Recent News and Publications
18 Oct 2017
The sole shareholder of two companies has failed in attempting to challenge the validity of the appointment of administrators to those companies.
03 Oct 2017
In our Safe Harbour Wheelhouse publication series we will consider how the new laws are likely to play out and impact key stakeholders once companies begin relying on the new provisions in months and years to come. In this first update, we look at some of the issues that directors and unsecured creditors will need to consider given the Corporations Act’s silence about whether or not a restructure plan should be disclosed to creditors.
08 Sep 2017
All businesses should be reviewing the way they manage the risk of underpayment and worker exploitation as the Federal Government’s reforms to protect vulnerable workers are about to take effect.