It is no coincidence that the logo of DibbsBarker appears as pieces of a jigsaw fitting neatly together – it is what we refer to as our Connected symbol and staying connected is what we are about. Whether it is with our clients, our community or those that have contributed to the firm’s growth and moved on, we want to stay connected.
Our firm of today is more than combining organisations – it is the sum of the individuals who have given their skills and personalities to the firm in order for it to have developed into that which it is today, and where and how it will develop tomorrow. They are the ones who forged the culture that guides DibbsBarker in all that we do.
In order to recognise all of these contributions and to facilitate a forum for past members of the firm to enjoy the company of other former lawyers of our firm, the Sydney office have formed the DibbsBarker Alumni Group.
The Alumni Group is about building, developing and maintaining connections into business, the legal profession, our society and government.
The purpose of the Alumni Group is to provide:
  • a forum to share experiences, insights and ideas
  • updates on what is going on at DibbsBarker today
  • an additional conduit to help you personally and professionally through strengthening your networks.
If you would like to become a member of the Alumni Group please contact us at