Career opportunities

It’s your chance to shine if you seek a high performance environment, stimulating work opportunities and tailored continuous learning, professional and personal growth opportunities.

DibbsBarker strives for a high performance culture – one where we can offer you high quality experiences with the type of clients you aspire to work with and clients who want to work with you. The firm is made up of a diverse group of people who assume many different roles but are united by talent, great people skills, innovative thinking and commercially driven client outcomes.

These are the personal characteristics we're looking for:

  • friendly, motivated people who are good communicators
  • excellent academic records and qualifications
  • interest in our areas of specialisation
  • strong technical skills
  • great attitude and enquiring mind
  • desire to achieve to your full potential
  • well-rounded people with personal and community interests.

What you can achieve at DibbsBarker is entirely up to you. The opportunities are here for you; are you ready to take them on?