Legal careers

How many lawyers love their jobs? Ours do.

Lawyers choose to work at DibbsBarker because they are passionate about the law and applying it in a commercially minded manner. The strong lawyer-client connection we form is paramount. If you care about working closely with your clients, really getting inside their businesses and appreciating their issues, you will delight in delivering advice and proposing solutions that extend outside the law.
The desire to be commercially relevant and responsive to our clients as they grow or their business changes means we continue to evolve with them. Our commitment to provide Australian and international clients with a full range of legal services wherever they venture is supported by the networks we have with legal and industry associations and a European desk.
Don’t be afraid to drive and inspire your development as an outstanding legal professional and join our great team. DibbsBarker offers you the latitude to shine and be recognised for your contribution to the firm, industry and community. We are not like everyone else.
If you know you would make a great addition to DibbsBarker, you can find out about specific job opportunities on our job search page.