Non-legal careers

Opportunities for professional and personal development are not just restricted to our legal professionals. Whether your interest is in being part of our support, finance, people and development, knowledge, marketing or technology departments, DibbsBarker offers a stimulating and rewarding environment to progress in your career.

Whatever department you may be interested in joining, we expect you will make a valuable contribution to the high level service our leading clients deserve. Your role in our team does not go without notice.

Here is a snapshot what you might expect to undertake in each department:


Be part of an efficient and connected team of experienced secretaries and word processors who provide valuable support to all within the firm.


Deliver accounting expertise in the areas of financial accounting (including payroll, accounts payable and tax), management accounting and financial systems. Apply your knowledge to the functions of accounts payable/receivable, credit control, billing, payroll, financial and management accounting, partner services and taxation, financial analysis and reporting.

People & Development

Be responsible for recruiting, retaining and developing the very best talent. Our People and Development team provides strategic advice and guidance to the business on HR issues and undertakes a range of initiatives to meet the challenges of managing our people. They also work closely with lawyers, managers and employees from all areas of the firm to help them attract, recruit, motivate, challenge, develop and reward their people.


If you can maintain and develop intellectual and knowledge-based asset resources then you will enjoy our Knowledge department where collaboration, reuse of knowledge in repositories, and innovative information delivery are all part of a day’s work.


Put your branding, business development and client relationship management skills into practice when you work with practice groups, partners and lawyers to further DibbsBarker's standing as a prominent law firm.


Challenge yourself with all matters technological like applications, infrastructure, telecommunications, training and desktop support. You have the know-how to work in the areas of help desk, systems security and network administration, document and practice management systems, network infrastructure, supplier and contract management, hardware and software procurement, software development and project management.