Well-being matters

DibbsBarker believes a balanced workplace where you can both enjoy your work and aspire to excellence in your dealings with clients and colleagues is the best kind there is.

Our partners and staff are encouraged to have outside interests and priorities and DibbsBarker aims to provide the necessary time for these. This doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard or put in extra effort and hours when required. It’s all about balance.

When you are physically and mentally at your best, you are well placed to do your best work. Achieving the right balance is not about rhetoric, just action. DibbsBarker offers this broad range of initiatives to support your wellbeing and for you to take the necessary positive steps:
  • salary sacrificing
  • superannuation advice
  • employee assistance program
  • flu vaccinations
  • massages
  • pilates classes
  • boxercise classes
  • health insurance discounts.

You can also take care of yourself through our personal development programs – chosen to focus on you as an individual and your interaction with people inside and outside of the firm. This is a taste of some of the topics you’ll experience:

  • career resilience
  • communication skills
  • managing stress
  • managing work/life balance
  • managing yourself & influencing others
  • the new supervisor
  • think on your feet
  • time management for lawyers
  • voice power for women.