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Our team regularly produces articles and updates on legal developments and the implications for clients. Our latest publications can be viewed below.

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  • Date: 22 Jul 2014
    There are many legal complexities associated with the ownership of property by Custodians on behalf of Responsible Entities for Managed Investment Schemes. One example from a Landlord’s perspective is the enforcement of leases against tenants. A recent Queensland Court of Appeal case identifies potential issues in circumstances where the respective rights and obligations of the Responsible Entity and Custodian are not clearly understood when it comes to enforcing a lease.
  • Date: 17 Jul 2014
    It was The Muppets’ Kermit the Frog who memorably sang about how "it’s not easy being green", but in a recent trade mark decision that is sure to make colour trade mark applicants sit up and take notice, BP has encountered another setback, in its quest to obtain trade mark protection for the colour in Australia.
  • Date: 14 Jul 2014
    The Queensland Supreme Court of Queensland recently made a surprising decision to allow an upcoming trial of a civil case between a bank and its customer to proceed before a jury.
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